Gorilla Playsets Green Family Swing Bundle

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This amazing family swing bundle is made up of three Gorilla Playsets swings that will turn your playset into an amazing experience for the whole family! The family swing bundle includes the full bucket toddler swing, the disc swing, and the tandem swing in the signature Gorilla Playsets green.

Full Bucket Toddler Swing

  • The full bucket toddler swing from Gorilla Playsets is a great way to bring the fun of your swing set to your family's littlest member. Safe for kids between 2 and 4 years old, the full bucket swing includes galvanized hangers and a polymer molded seat. It has UV protection to keep it from heating up or fading in direct sunlight. The plastic coated chains make sure your baby's fingers don't get pinched while they play!

Disc Swing

  • The disc swing by Gorilla Playsets gives your kids a brand new way to play. The UFO-designed swing can be used standing or sitting and can go in a circular motion or front to back like a traditional belt swing. The disc is made of strong, durable polyethylene and can support up to 100 pounds. The rope is 114 inches long and one half inch thick.

Tandem Swing

  • Great for families with lots of kids, the tandem swing by Gorilla Playsets lets two kids swing at the same time! This unique swing helps kids learn to work together and glides smoothly from front to back. It can be used alone or with a second rider. The tandem swing holds up to 140 pounds and is perfect for kids between the ages of 4 and 10. 

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